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Looking Ahead

It’s amazing how quickly we’ve settled in to 2013, but here we are, well into Q1. 2012 was a groundbreaking year for the NAI. I’m even more excited about what’s ahead.

NAI Year-End Blog Post

I’ve been Executive Director of NAI for a year, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as an organization. While I’m cognizant of the challenges ahead, I’m enthusiastic and excited about the future. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the NAI’s supportive staff and Board of Directors, and especially with our dedicated members.

Happy Holidays to all!

Member ViewPoint: PubMatic

PubMatic and IDC recently released an RTB forecast relevant to many of our members. In this Five Questions interview, Richard Sobel, director of product marketing and platform strategy, discusses the company’s membership, the study and more.

Q: When did PubMatic join NAI and what was the impetus?

Everyone Wins With Effective Self-Regulation

Few people are as passionate about self-regulation as I am.  As the Executive Director of NAI, I get to see every day the commitment our member companies make to meet NAI's high standards.  These companies --  third-party advertising networks, exchanges, and platforms -- deserve tremendous credit for their efforts but they don't always get it.

NAI – WC3 Position Paper Post

As many of you know, the NAI has been an active participant in the W3C meetings focused on Do Not Track. Recently, David Wainberg, our Counsel and Senior Director of Technology, submitted a position paper to the organization as input to their “Do Not Track and Beyond” Workshop scheduled for November 26-27 in Berkeley, California. (More information about the workshop can be found on the W3C website.) In support of our mission, we are planning to attend this event to ensure that the third party voice is represented and heard.

Reaffirming Our Core Values

Like many of you, I've been drowning in heated debates about privacy, Do-Not-Track and related industry concerns for the past several months. There has been a lot of anger, a lot of finger pointing and a lot of blame placed on third parties. Given the frequency and pervasiveness of these ongoing discussions, it is easy to lose site of the core values of the NAI. We could become sidetracked with a singular issue that represents a bare sliver of our mission; we could be myopic and veer off course from our core agenda.  This is the last thing we should allow to happen.

An Update on Compliance

Epic Media Group (the parent company to Epic Marketplace and Traffic Marketplace) has ceased operations for economic and financial reasons. The company has represented to the NAI that it is not currently engaged (and has not been engaged for the past few months) in online behavioral advertising or otherwise running campaigns across its network, and has no plans to resume operations.

CPOs & Self-Regulation = A Winning Combination

This month, Lou Mastria, an experienced chief privacy officer, stepped in to help lead industry self regulation as Managing Director of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The news was music to my ears because our self-regulatory efforts will benefit from having additional CPOs in our ranks. 

Why the NAI Matters

by Ben Plomion, Chango

Like many NAI member companies, Chango is on the front lines of the behavioral advertising debate. You see, we’re a search retargeting platform, which means that we allow brands to find new customers based on recent searches. 


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