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Internet Connected TV Choices

Information on Opting Out on TV Streaming Devices:

This page is provided to help more easily find consumer choice mechanisms on various connected devices. It is provided for educational purposes only. The instructions provided below may change at the discretion of the companies that provide the operating systems for these devices.

Many TV streaming devices and smart TVs include unique advertising identifiers and have the ability to collect data about the content viewed by users, as well as the user’s interaction with some applications available on these devices, for digital advertising purposes. The operating systems on many of these devices include built-in settings to help users express privacy preferences for digital advertising data collection and use.

Below are instructions for locating and modifying the privacy preferences on many commonly used TV streaming devices and smart TVs and to limit digital advertising data collection on these devices to the extent that the device’s manufacturer will allow. Some companies may offer additional or alternate choices depending on their technology (such as resetting an advertising ID or turning off the associated service). You should contact the provider of the opt-out mechanism if you experience any issues or have questions about its functionality. To learn more about NAI member companies’ obligations in providing consumers with choice regarding Viewed-Content Advertising, please see our Guidance for NAI Members: Viewed-Content Advertising.

Most companies will apply privacy preference to digital advertising data collection and use practices for the device on which the preference is expressed, but not for data collection and use on any additional devices. Privacy settings for web browsers on these TV streaming devices and smart TVs are typically independent from the privacy preferences described on this page. To learn more about expressing your privacy preferences in a web browser, please visit the NAI's opt-out page.

Below are instructions for using the advertising choice mechanisms provided by many popular TV streaming devices and Smart TVs:


Amazon Fire TV

Settings -> Preferences -> Privacy Settings -> Interest-based Ads -> Off


Apple TV

Settings -> General -> Privacy -> Limit Ad Tracking -> On

On pre-2015 Apple TV:

General -> Send Data To Apple -> No

If you are using 'Family Sharing' the organizer of the group has to allow other members to make modifications:

Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Advertising -> Allow modifications


Google Chromecast

Menu -> Devices -> Tap on the device icon -> Press three dots in the upper left corner -> Settings -> Send Chromecast device usage data and crash reports to Google -> Uncheck the box



Settings -> Scroll to Privacy -> Advertising -> Limit Ad Tracking



System -> Settings -> Account -> Privacy and Online Safety -> App Privacy -> General -> Enable Advertising ID -> Uncheck



Settings -> General -> LivePlus -> Uncheck


Samsung TV

Settings -> Support -> Terms & Policies -> Internet Based Advertising -> Off


Sony TV

Settings -> Network -> Samba Interactive TV -> Disable/Off


Vizio TV

Menu button on remote or open HDTV Settings app -> System -> Reset & Admin -> Highlight Viewing Data -> Press right arrow to change the setting to Off