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I've Tried To Opt Out, But I Am Receiving An Error Message

In order for our opt-out tool to function correctly, your browser must allow Javascript, and third party-cookies.
In addition, if you are using Internet Explorer version 6 or later, your settings must be set to medium or lower.

For more information on adjusting your browser settings, please see:



Internet Explorer:


Attention Safari users: Apple presets the Safari browser to block cookies from sites other than those you visit directly. As a result, the NAI opt-out tool, which uses third-party cookies, will not work for browsers left in this default setting.

If you are using Safari and wish to opt out using the NAI’s opt-out tool, you can change your cookie settings to allow all cookies and then use the NAI opt-out tool. An opt out cookie for the selected ad network(s) will be placed on your computer. You can change your cookie settings back after completing this action, if desired.

Choose "Preferences" from the Safari menu

Select the "Security" icon. Cookie settings are shown in window

Select: "Accept Cookies: Always"

Go to the Opt-Out page.

Select the networks from which you wish to opt out and hit "Submit"