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Jurgen Van Staden's blog

Moving Beyond Cookies: A Collective Effort of NAI Members

For the past 15 years, the NAI has been a leader in setting high standards for responsible data collection and use practices for interest-based advertising. Today, as we publish Guidance for NAI Members: Use of Non-Cookie Technologies for Interest Based Advertising Consistent with the NAI Code of Conduct, we are proud to add to this legacy responsible data collection and use practices for next-generation technologies.

It Is Time to Move On from the W3C “Do Not Track” Process

Three years ago, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) joined with a wide range of constituencies at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Tracking Protection Working Group in an attempt to turn the phrase “do not track” into a meaningful global privacy standard that addresses both technical and policy challenges. NAI brought a unique perspective to the discussions because of our understanding of both privacy issues and online advertising our appreciation for the unique role of responsible third parties in delivering relevant digital advertisements.

Dream Job, Dream Team

A blog post by Jurgen Van Staden, the NAI's newest team member and Counsel and Assistant Director of Policy.


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