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NAI Opt-Out for Email-Linked Digital Advertising is Live

Two years have passed since the NAI published the 2020 Code of Conduct (Code), expanding the scope of the NAI self-regulatory program to the use of offline data for Tailored Advertising, and announcing the development of the industry’s first email-based consumer choice mechanism for Tailored Advertising.

NAI Publishes 2020 Annual Report

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) recently published its 2020 Annual Report, which provides us with an opportunity to reflect on an unprecedented year, as the pandemic slowed many industries, and recently announced changes to the Chrome browser and iOS 14,  coupled with new state legislation, increased the urgency for the digital media and advertising industries to rethink many current practices, particularly how to recognize

2020: Compliance Progress Under the Updated NAI Code

After what has been an unusual year globally, the NAI compliance team is finalizing the 2020 compliance review process.

Guidance for Members Working with Partners on Health Advertising

The NAI has been pleased with the positive response to its Guidance for NAI Members: Health Audience Segments (Guidance), and we continue to receive questions from member companies about the applicability of this document to various digital advertising products and scenarios.

Clarifying Transparency Requirements in Guidance for NAI Members

In January, the NAI published its Guidance for NAI Members: Health Audience Segments (Guidance). Since then, the NAI has received positive feedback from members and from outside sources. We are pleased that this document has provided some much needed clarity regarding the NAI’s restrictions on tailoring advertisements related to health conditions.

The NAI Continues to Lead Industry in Health Privacy with Publication of New Health Targeting Guidance

The NAI is opening what promises to be a busy year with new guidance on health-related ad targeting. The NAI has long imposed and enforced restrictions on the use of Sensitive Data for Tailored Advertising with the understanding that while targeted ads help to fund a robust and diverse Internet and provide users with relevant ads, a user’s engagement with certain limited types of content may not always be appropriate for Tailored Advertising.

Update on the 2020 NAI Code

After an eventful 2019, The NAI is preparing for a momentous twentieth anniversary year in 2020. The thoroughly revised 2020 NAI Code of Conduct will go into effect in ten days, on January 1st, 2020, placing a number of new requirements in the areas of Tailored Advertising and Ad Delivery and Reporting on NAI members.

2018 Annual Compliance Report Released

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) today released its 2018 Annual Compliance Report, a review of members’ adherence to the 2018 NAI Code of Conduct (Code). The report shows that, while NAI staff found that some member companies had various non-material violations of the Code, these members actively worked with NAI staff during the course of the year to ensure that these issues were resolved quickly.

NAI Releases New Cross-Device Guidance

The NAI is pleased to announce our newly finalized Guidance for NAI Members: Cross-Device Linking (Guidance)The Guidance was formally released to the NAI membership on May 22, 2017 and goes into effect on June 19, 2017 after a brief implementation period.

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