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NAI – WC3 Position Paper Post

As many of you know, the NAI has been an active participant in the W3C meetings focused on Do Not Track. Recently, David Wainberg, our Counsel and Senior Director of Technology, submitted a position paper to the organization as input to their “Do Not Track and Beyond” Workshop scheduled for November 26-27 in Berkeley, California. (More information about the workshop can be found on the W3C website.) In support of our mission, we are planning to attend this event to ensure that the third party voice is represented and heard. It is the NAI membership that would be most directly impacted by Do Not Track. Our firm belief is that, as proposed, the measure is potentially harmful to our membership. As such, we want to ensure that the benefits of third-party advertising to the Internet economy are well understood by the W3C and by all workshop attendees. We also want to ensure that the W3C has a clear understanding of the NAI’s role in industry self-regulation. 

Please review the position paper here and email us if you have ideas or comments. We look forward to your feedback.