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July 2012

Why the NAI Matters

by Ben Plomion, Chango

Like many NAI member companies, Chango is on the front lines of the behavioral advertising debate. You see, we’re a search retargeting platform, which means that we allow brands to find new customers based on recent searches. 

Great to Be Back!

On June 20th, I returned to the NAI as Counsel & Senior Director of Technology. (As many of you know, I previously worked for the NAI, but left last year for a job at AppNexus.) People keep asking why I came back. I was in a great position at an exciting, fast-growing company that, like many NAI members, was innovating and growing like crazy. , Why would I give that up? It was an incredibly tough decision. However, I realized I couldn't pass up this opportunity to take a leading role in charting the industry's course through the very tricky policy waters ahead.

Room for Everyone at the Table

Last week, Robert Gellman published his assessment of the NAI’s 2011 Annual Compliance Report. As always, the NAI welcomes an open dialogue with our members, consumers, and the advocacy community. We believe in the role of all these constituencies in self-regulation and value ideas about how to improve our program. We also take pride in the fact that these exchanges help us continuously evolve our compliance program.