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NAI in the News (Archive)

12/23/2015  The Consumer POV On Cross-Device Tracking: 'No, Thanks' (Ad Exchanger)

12/09/2015  National Advertising Initiative Updates Rules for Data Collection on Mobile Apps (Lexology)

12/02/2015  LinkedIn Rolls Out Revamped Mobile App for Android and iOS (Newsfactor)

12/02/2015  Google Accused of Spying on Kids via Chromebooks (News Factor)

11/19/2015  Federal Trade Commission Hosts Cross-Device Tracking Workshop (The National Law Review)

11/18/2015  FTC Eyes Cross-Device Tracking, Issues Warning (IAPP)

11/17/2015  Commission Examines Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues Associated With Emerging Cross-Device Tracking Technology (Wilmer Hale)

11/16/2015  The FTC Seeks Clarity On Cross-Device Tracking -- But Opt-Out Remains A Murky Mire (Ad Exchanger)

11/12/2015  We are tracking you: what legal departments need to know about online behavioral advertising at a glance (Lexology)

11/02/2015  Digital Advertising Alliance Unveils New DAA AdChoices Icon Implementation Guidelines for Video Ads (PR Newswire)

10/07/2015  Miiverse Updates Web Version UI, Personalized Ads Added In Without Warning (Gameranx)

09/21/2015  Why You May End Up Dating McDonald's This Friday Night (LinkedIn)

08/24/2015  Netmining Announces Partnership with Target Data to Provide Industry First Tools for Marketers Targeting the Coveted "Mover" Data Segment (MarketWatch)

08/18/2015  AT&T Making It Even Harder for You to Protect Your Privacy (Los Angeles Times)

08/3/2015  The Fingerprint File Doesn't Have to Bring You Down: NAI Offers Advertisers Guidance on Digital Fingerprinting & Location Tracking (Lexology)

07/17/2015  Supercookies, Digital Fingerprinting Undermine Trust in Web, W3C Says (Media Post)

07/1/2015  OBM Hires Senior Adviser on Privacy Issues (Federal Times)

05/22/2015  The Network Advertising Initiative Issues Privacy Guidelines for Interest-Based Advertising, Ad Delivery and Reporting (The National Law Review)

05/20/2015  Retailers Are Big Spenders; Device ID Regulation (AdExchanger)

05/19/2015  NAI Issues Privacy Guidelines for Digital Fingerprinting, Other Non-Cookie Ad Technology (MediaPost)

05/15/2015  Self-Regulatory Ad Programs Get Updated with Enforcement of Mobile Guidance to Begin Sept. 1 (Lexology)

05/05/2015  I Googled That? (Slate)

04/15/2015  As Marketers Rush to Programmatic, Consumer-Privacy Rules Still Apply (AdAge)

03/30/2015  Report: Ad Nets Sticking to Privacy, Data Guidelines (Katy on the Hill)

01/22/2015  FTC Consumer Protection Head Warns Ad Companies About Privacy (MediaPost)

11/24/2014  Post Election, Campaigns Try to Link Targeted Ads to Actual Votes (AdAge)

07/01/2014  Mobile Advertisers Must Address Users' Concerns Over 'The Invasion Of Privacy' (Forbes)

05/22/2014  California Adds Privacy Guidelines for Websites (AdAge)

05/11/2014  Bruce Morris Joins NAI as VP Member Services (TheMakeGood)

04/08/2014  NAI Achieves Highest Level of Member Compliance in Consumer Privacy (TheMakeGood)

03/13/2014  Report: Ad Networks Adhering to Strict Privacy Guidelines (AdWeek)

01/06/2014  NAI’s Marc Groman on Setting and Keeping High Standards in Online Advertising (Makegood)

12/10/2013  First- Or Third-Party Cookie? Wrong Question (AdExchanger)

10/31/2013  Privacy Advocates, online ad groups still doubt Do Not Track talks (The Hill)

09/17/2013  Do Not Track group should give up, departing online ad reps say (The Hill)

07/25/2013  The Dreaded Restructure; New Mobile Codes (AdExchanger)

07/25/2013  Digital Advertising Alliance, Network Advertising Initiative each release guidelines for mobile ad data usage (FierceMobileContent)

07/24/2013  Network Advertising Initiative Releases Mobile Application Code (Marketwire)

07/24/2013  Ad Industry Groups Intro New Rules for Mobile Data Collection (Ad Age)

07/24/2013  DAA Mobile Privacy Rules Require Opt-In Consent For Address Books, Geolocation (MediaPost)

07/24/2013  Digital Advertising Alliance Issues Mobile Privacy Rules (MediaPost)

07/24/2013  Consumers Will Soon Be Able to Opt-Out of Targeted Mobile Ads (AdWeek)

07/24/2013  The Mobile Code of Conduct (DM News)

05/23/2013  NAI Unveils Revised Mobile Privacy Code (AdExchanger)

05/22/2013  Network Advertising Initiative Proposes New Mobile Privacy Rules (MediaPost)

05/22/2013  NAI Issues Revised Code Of Conduct For Interest-Based Advertising (Marketing Land)

05/22/2013  NAI releases updated Code of Conduct for online behavioral advertising (Lexology)

05/21/2013  FTC's Ohlhausen Questions Privacy Recommendations (MediaPost)

05/21/2013  Mozilla’s 'Underblocking' Cookie Issues; FTC Commissioner Supports Self-Regulation Among Advertisers (AdExchanger)

05/21/2013  FTC Commish Pushes For Enforceable Do-Not-Track Program (Law360)

05/20/2013  Internet Advertising Group Releases Final Data Collection Code of Conduct (Bloomberg BNA)

05/17/2013  Network Advertising Initiative finalizes code of conduct (BtoB)

04/22/2013  Our Internet privacy is at risk -- but not dead (yet) (InfoWorld)

03/29/2013  World Wide Internet Group Gets Lost in the Weeds As It Tries to Define "Do Not Track" (Advertising Age)

03/01/2013  NAI: Ad Networks Still Need Opt-In Consent For Names, Email Addresses (MediaPost)

02/07/2013  Ad Nets Step Up Self-Regulation (Adweek)

01/14/2013  Abacus Deal Is Quaint in Today's Data Era (AdvertisingAge)

11/30/2012  Do Not Track Is Dying (CNNMoney)

10/22/2012  Self-Regulation: Win-Win-Win (iMedia Connection)

10/04/2012  Think Do Not Track Is Defined? Think again (

05/04/2012  Making Tracks Visiting "The Trackers" (ClickZ)

02/28/2012  NAI Executive Director - Let's Talk Privacy (ClickZ)

02/15/2012  NAI To Update Code and Site, Broaden The Discussion in 2012 (MediaPost)

02/15/2012  Former FTC Privacy Chief Takes On Online Advertisers... By Joining Them (Talking Points Memo)

02/14/2012  NAI: Behavioral Targeting Opt-Outs Nearly Double In 2011 (MediaPost)

02/14/2012  More Ad Networks Get Good Privacy Report Card (Adweek)

11/17/2011 Online Advertsing Group Hires New Chief (New York Times)


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