Privacy.hack 2017

Save the Date: Privacy Hackathon Planned for May 16, 2017 in New York

Network Advertising Initiative Hosts First Ever Hackathon for Online Advertising Privacy

Privacy.hack: NAI’s first ever hackathon for digital advertising privacy!

NAI's first ever hackathon for online advertising privacy! Teams will propose innovative privacy solutions to improve notice and choice options for consumers through developments in education, user experience, improved privacy features, and enhanced accessibility.


All NAI members are eligible to participate as hackers. Judges may include industry representatives, NAI staff, and celebrity technologists.


Privacy.hack will take place during the month of the 2017 NAI Summit, beginning May 3rd and ending May 16th. The NAI knows that some projects, such as developing a policy or research, take more time than other projects, such as designing an icon. This timeline is designed to give hackers more time for their work.

On May 16th, the NAI will host a day-long, in-person hackathon with reserved space, so that participants can build, code, design, and research their way to the finish line. Projects are due promptly at 5pm on May 16th.

  • TBD: Happy Hours in NY and SF to meet and greet other participants
  • May 3rd: Hackathon begins.
  • May 3rd - May 15th: Remote hackathon
  • May 16th: Day-long, in-person hackathon, presentation of hacks, award ceremony


The nature of today's digital advertising ecosystem has ushered in new possibilities for advertisers and media companies, but it also raises privacy concerns for consumers. Privacy.hack invites participants to propose creative privacy ideas or solutions from a variety of fields: technology, policy, and legal.


The NAI encourages the creation of cross-company teams between NAI members. This is an industry effort to create innovative privacy solutions that benefit everyone. All work must occur during the hackathon dates, but participants are encouraged to create teams, meet people, and brainstorm ideas ahead of time. Recommended team size is four or less so that prizes can be split evenly. Official team registration information will be shared shortly. There is no cost associated with participating in the hackathon.

To facilitate Privacy.hack, NAI has created a Hackpad - an online collaborative document. Users can see sample ideas suggested by the NAI staff and new ideas as they are formed. Users are free to build on existing code and projects, but teams will only be judged on the work completed during the hackathon days. Teams are required to document their code writing process during the hackathon duration.

The NAI and the hackathon judges will not retain any intellectual property rights to the materials created during the hackathon. There is no need to be open source, but judges will need access to any source code created for the hackathon. Participants should not use any proprietary code.

Submissions can come from lawyers, product teams, or developers. Privacy.hack judges will be able to properly evaluate the benefit, effort, and genius of each submission regardless of its category.


Prizes will be awarded in at least two categories:

Top Privacy Notice: Most beneficial to the education and notice of consumers. This award recognizes an innovation in communicating privacy to the average person.

Top Privacy Choice: Most beneficial to the consumer's ability to exercise choice. This award recognizes an innovation in offering privacy choices to the average person.

Privacy.hack will recognize the top team in each category with terrific prizes. Each team will be eligible to win in one award category, with prizes for up to four people on a team.

Members of the top teams will be invited to participate in a panel discussion about their hack and related issues, or give a presentation about their winning hack.

Every hackathon participant will be able to attend the NAI Summit on May 17, 2017 at a significant discount. Please contact William Lee ( for more information.

As a privacy hackathon, Privacy.hack is an opportunity for companies to showcase their commitment to consumer privacy. The NAI will proudly tweet, blog, and showcase the works of participants and NAI member companies.